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Diamond Discovery Trail Houthoop – Kleinzee – Brazil Namaqualand

Diamond Discovery Trail, Houthoop – Kleinzee – Brazil Namaqualand


The Diamond Discovery Trail meanders along approximately 50km, from east to west along what is known as the Diamond Coast between private farming settlements of Kleinzee in Namaqualand in the Northern Cape.

    • Springbok lies 110km to the East
    • Port Nolloth, 60km to the North
    • Garies lies 163 km to the East

Trail Details

    • Guided – FGASA Level I, Marine Level I, First Aid Level III, DEAT accredited guide
    • Three-day, self-carrying hike
    • Self-Catering
    • Physical fitness is essential: soft sand, low shrubbery, beach walking, sections of harder surface, rocky terrain
    • No shade on trial, but temperate climate and Atlantic Ocean breeze even things out
    • No drinking water on trial
    • Use general ‘bush toilet ethics’ on trial

Possible dangers that could be encountered: venomous snakes, spiders, scorpions, thorny vegetation, uneven terrain, heat exhaustion and exposure to wind, sun and cooking on open fire.

Trail Details

Day 0

    • Arrival at Kleinzee

Day 1

    • Hike from Die Houthoop through the farms to the Buffulsrivier, Molleneux Reserve and the Kleinzee Museum
    • 12-15 km, 5-6 hours

Day 2

    • Drive to Kleinzee Museum and park vehicles at the Museum
    • Hike from the Museum, Through the Zkleinzee golf course, to the Buffulsrivier Estuary, swing left to the South, and Hike along the coast, towards the old Kleinzee Yacht Club
    • 12km, 5-6 hours

Day 3

    • Drive to the Kleinzee Yacht Club,  Parked vehicles
    • Hike from the Yacht Club, Towards Goraapkop, the border of Brazil, and down to the Coast
    • Hike from South to North along the unspoiled pristine coastline of the Diamond Coast
    • 17-19 km, 6-8 hours
Flower Hunt Hiking Trail Namaqua Coastal Expeditions, Kleinzee, Namaqualand, Northern Cape

Flower Hunt Hiking Trail, Namaqua Coastal Expeditions, Kleinzee, Namaqualand, Northern


Arrival at Jakkalswater Guest Farm. Jakkalswater Guest farm is a nature orientated guest farm, about 13km outside Springbok (on the Nababeep road) and about 6km from the N7 highway off ramp, in the heart of Namaqualand in the Northern Cape.

Trail Details

It is situated in the foothills of the granite heads of the Kamiesberg, where quiver trees lookout across the valley and Klipspringers roam. Jakkalswater is entirely “off the grid” and green.

    • Arrive at the Jakkalswater Guestfarm at around 14h00
    • Set up camp for the next few days
    • 18h00 dinner at the campsite
    • Briefing for the entire hike
    • Hikers can provide their own tents, sleeping bags and(we will provide the rest)

The Itinerary

Day 1

    • 08h00 : Breakfast
    • 09h00 :Depart on our 1st day hike into the flower town of Nababeep
    • Visit the Glory hole , and return via the Namaqua Rocky outcrops to the Guestfarm
    • 12-16km
    • 18h00: Dinner

Day 2

    • 08h00: Breakfast
    • 09h00: Depart towards Okiep into the mountains.The best flower sightings, with the old OCC road
    • Do a 14km hike during the day and look out for the Klipbok in the mountain range of the copper mountains
    • 18h00: Dinner

Day 3

    • 08h00: Breakfast
    • 09h00: Depart into the Modderfontein direction, for a full day out in the veld
    • Rock formations, flowers, and natural springs with active birdlife
    • 12 – 16 km’s
    • 18h00 : Dinner

Day 4

    • 07h00: Set the camp down
    • 08h00: Breakfast
    • 09h00: Depart from jakkalswater
    • 12h00: Do a short hike through the Accacia forrest, just outside of Komaggas
    • 16h00 :Arrive at Houthoop and set up the camp
    • 18h00 : Dinner

Day 5

    • 08h00: Breakfast
    • 09h00: Depart to the coastal town of Kleinzee. Do a 16 km hike and visit the Kleinzee museum,Diamond mining history, and local folklore
    • 16h00: drive back to the Houthoop and enjoy local hospitality , and dinner at the Houthoop
    • Recapp of the flower hunt , around a warm fire

Day 6

    • 08h00: Breakfast
    • 11h00: All depart from the Houthoop back to their next destination
    • BON VOYAGE!!!
Namaqua To Cape Town (16 - 20 November 2022)

Namaqua To Cape Town (16 – 20 November 2022)

Day 0 (16 November 2022)

    • Depart from Springbok at 09h00 , from the Springbok Lodge.
    • Take the N7 , and stopped at Garies , From Garies to Vanrhynsdorp, towards Piketberg
    • Depart at 14h00 from Piketberg to Strandfontein
    • Arrive at 15h30-16h00 at strandfontein
    • Unpack, rewind and hit the road at 18h30 for Signal Hill,enjoy Pizza and red wine while watching the beutifull sunset over the Atlantic Ocean
    • 21h30 back to Strandfontein

Day 1 (17 November 2022)

    • Depart at 09h30 from Strandfontein
    • Trip around the Peninsula, Including Cape Point and Houtbay
    • We enjoy seafood, incl calamari , fish , and chips on the Jetty
    • Visit the famous Grand West Casino’s while we are just roaming
    • Back at Strandfontein, where we can feel the sea brease and enjoy a lovely and relaxed afternoon

Day 2 (18 November 2022)

    • Depart from Strandfontein to Robben island, enjoy a 4 hours visit on the Island
    • Having lunch at the V&A Waterfront
    • Visit the two oceans Aquarium , and also do a roaming excursion in Cape town
    • 17h00 depart back to Strandfontein, where we will enjoy a lekka dinner, and kuier

Day 3 (19 November 2022)

    • Depart from Strandfontein to Kirstenbosch gardens
    • Visit the Spier Wine Estate , with a picknic on the river banks

Day 4 (20 November 2022)

    • Hike through the Cape town Gardens, visit the Museum
    • Close the day with a visit to a Strawberry farm.You will get the opportunity to pick your own bucket of Strawberries
    • Back to Strandfontein, while we are going to have a “lekker kuier”

Day 5 (21 November 2022)

    • Back To Namaqua
    • End of itinerary
    • BON VOYAGE!!!